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Tinctures and balms for your pet

Welcome back to health!


Hemp Oil derived CBD tinctures and balms for your pet.

We use INNOVATIVE NANO CBD for the BEST bioavailability and absorption rate of CBD out on the market.

Fur Wellness Tincture

Fur Wellness Tincture

Fur Wellness will help maintain your pet’s optimum well being and aid in their recovery from illnesses.


Fur Comfort Tincture

Fur Comfort Tincture

Fur Comfort will help alleviate discomfort caused by various conditions like arthritis.


Fur Relief Balm

Fur Relief Balm

Fur Relief Balm is applied to help soothe and relieve any skin or joint inflammations and irritations.


CBD and Petacure Advantages

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many compounds inside hemp and cannabis plants that are helpful to us.

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Why Use CBD?

CBD is commonly known for its natural pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties and anxiety reduction.

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The Petacure Advantage

We truly care about your pet and are committed to making their health our number one priority.


Customer Reviews

Bella & Maxi
My two 13-14 year old bassets started acting like puppies again since being on Petacure’s CBD. Maxi was suffering from arthritis and is 90% better and Bella takes it as part of her remission program (she had bone cancer a year ago). They both take the Turmeric formula. I personally love the hemp balm. Great for muscle soreness.
Silvia De Salles
Thank you for providing such a high quality product that works! I have tried other highly rated brands of CBD oil and did not notice a difference in my senior baby. After giving Bambi the first dose, I noticed she is able to calm down a little and her chronic cough is slightly better. We are excited to support a product that works so well and that gives back.
Hien Nguyen
We are almost done with our first bottle and I think petacure is awesome. I purchased this because my dog was diagnosed with IMHA. With a new diet and meds, I do believe Petacure has been so beneficial. I also gave this to my other 2 senior Bostons to ease joints and at bedtime, this helps all the dogs.
Maluhia Paleafei
These 2 years with Libby have been a joy. We hope to have many more with her. Unfortunately, her mammary tumors are aggressively returning and at 16 and in her state, she is no longer a candidate for surgery. We immediately started her on Petacure CBD and her tumors are actually slowing down! We started giving it to 7 of our other babies, 2 of which also have cancer, and everyone is doing really well.
Kira Rescue

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