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Read just a few of many glowing reviews provided by satisfied Petacure customers!

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The oil is working amazing on my cat, Monkey! She’s so much better.

 - Melanie Bradshaw


reviews Ricky 548x800Ricky is so excited to try Petacure’s Fur Comfort tincture for his chronic muscle pain and anxiety!  When it comes to my dogs, I only give the best of the best available out there.  I have been looking for a natural remedy to help Ricky and I’m so happy to come across this amazing brand.  The founders behind Petacure are long time animal lovers and rescuers and I have no doubt they put tremendous effort to create what’s best for our fur babies.  Pluse the brand gives back to save more rescue animals like Ricky. And the best part? I get to share with Ricky.

- Minna Lee


Libby side by sideThese 2 years with Libby have been a joy.  We hope to have many more with her. Unfortunately, her mammary tumors are aggressively returning and at 16 and in her state, she is no longer a candidate for surgery.  We immediately started her on Petacure CBD and her tumors are actually slowing down!  We started giving it to 7 of our other babies, 2 of which also have cancer, and everyone is doing really well.


It’s crazy how they calm my skin. [ in reference to the balm]


We hosted Christmas Eve dinner and we have 15 dogs 3 packs and crazy lunatic barkers when people even come close to our driveway.  Omg. Not a peep!  Everyone was quiet, chillin, happy, stress and anxiety free!

 - Kira Rescue


Bella and MaxiMy two 13-14 year old bassets started acting like puppies again since being on Petacure’s CBD.  Maxi was suffering from arthritis and is 90% better and Bella takes it as part of her remission program (she had bone cancer a year ago). They both take the Turmeric formula.  I personally love the hemp balm.  Great for muscle soreness.

 -  Silvia De Salles


MaluhiaWe are almost done with our first bottle and I think petacure is awesome. 

I purchased this because my dog was diagnosed with IMHA. With a new diet and meds, I do believe Petacure has been so beneficial. I also gave this to my other 2 senior Bostons to ease joints and at bedtime, this helps all the dogs.

And of course, during all the stress having our dog diagnosed with IMHA, Petacure helped me too.

I have to add that the Petacure balm trial size we got, is awesome too. I use it and the so do the dogs.

I noticed some other CBD oils use blends with other types of oil like salmon or coconut. I do not believe that is the case here. And I believe these are wonderful products and I'm glad I found it.

 - Maluhia Paleafei


BambiThank you for providing such a high quality product that works! I have tried other highly rated brands of CBD oil and did not notice a difference in my senior baby. After giving Bambi the first dose, I noticed she is able to calm down a little and her chronic cough is slightly better. We are excited to support a product that works so well and that gives back.

 - Hien Nguyen


It has helped my 87 year old dad more than any traditional Western medicine has. My colleague carries it with her in her purse and uses it whenever her lupus arthritis causes her too much discomfort.

 - Kari Kassir


A few months ago I kept hearing about this miracle balm which helps with dry skin for animals and humans, so I contacted Petacure on Instagram and one of the founders, Kiana responded to me in a timely manner, which was great. She explained to me all of the ailments that the balm treats, which ended up being for so much more than just dry skin. She sent me a sample in the mail and I put it on this weird dry patch on the side of my hand and in two weeks, my skin was smooth! I was shocked. In addition, I decided to put it on my lips and it's literally my favorite lip balm!  Since then, I have many friends who buy the balm and the tinctures for their pups and they absolutely love them!

 - Melissa Femino


I have 5 rescues.  The two oldest are 9 and both have arthritis.    My vet has them on pain medication but I hate it so that’s when we started using CBD oil, Petacure Fur Comfort.   I did not realize how well it was working on my dogs till I missed a dose and saw them gimping.   It really does help.  I love it.  I’m a believer.   Thank you.

 - Liz Consalus


Savannah & BaileyLove the Fur Comfort Tincture for our dachshund pups, especially for situations that could be stressful for them, like fireworks on July 4th or if they are on crate-rest due to back issues, which are common in doxies. They seem to love the taste, which makes it easy to give them. One of our pups absolutely refuses to take pills, even if it is buried in something yummy, so this has been a life-saver for him at times. A little goes a long way, too. Thank you, Petacure!

 - Kathy Wilson


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